Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Memories

FINALLY got some pictures developed. Took me long enough, but at least my photos are somewhat organized on my hard drive. Just need to back them up on a CD. I think I'll do that today at some point. Organization is such a job! HAHAHA Now I understand how there's a professionals out there specialized in organization.

So, with pics developed I did get a layout completed. This one is called 'Beautiful Memories' and it's going to be the first page in the scrapbook for my dog, Kosmo. I am usually not one to scrap pictures in black and white but I had the concept of doing a pale layout so I figured scrapping his puppy pics in B+W would probably be the best.

The paper is called 'Clean Linen'. It doesn't show up in the picture very well but it is embossed and has a nice glitter sheen to it. The ribbon/lace was something I had bought YEARS ago for costume but never utilized it. So I was happy to finally find a use for it. The title was cut out via my friend cricut cartridge (again, I don't know which one it was). The flower in the top corner is hand made and I just added some silver glitter to it to accent it. The buttons I got at Michaels and the little pearls are from A.C. Moore.

Overall, I think the layout has a sophisticated look but with a bit of a child-like feel with those star buttons scattered on it. I highly enjoyed making it though it took for FOREVER since I had nothing to go off of except a sketch from Let's Scrap and the color scheme. Otherwise, I didn't know what exactly I was going to do with it.



I rarely do a monochromatic page but you are inspiring me. This looks great!

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