Saturday, September 3, 2011


I've been busy working on a Recipe mini. It's no where near done. Still constructing the pages. After that I'll need to gather all the recipes that my mother has that I love to eat. It'll be nice to have all of my favorites in one single recipe book. I did debate on making a seperate book for desserts but yea. Having them all in one place is probably better off for me in the long run. hehe

I am also super busy editing photos that I want to scrap. Well, editing them and sifting through the mass amount of them that I have. This in itself is a job all of its own! I didn't realize just how many pictures I had. Oh! I was wondering, do a lot of you ladies (And gents) print out your own pics or do you get them printed at a store? If so, what store? OR do you use an online service that prints and ships?I am trying to find some place that will print out some nice quality pictures.



I like to print mine at Big W, they have the ability to print from my flash drive (cause I like to edit my photos), and they can print in many different sizes. I'm pretty happy with the quality and can have them printed in as little as 15 minutes depending on the time of day I put them in for processing. Good luck with your sorting!

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